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Self pay price list  

Consultation and report fees 
Initial new patient hip or knee consultation, face to face in person 
(20 minutes) £250-£300 
Follow up or existing patient hip or knee consultation, in person or video/telephone 
(20 minutes) £200 
Medical reports £150-£450 (depending on complexity of report) 
Access to medical records £50 
Common Outpatient Procedures 
Ultrasound guided (USS )Injection of steroid (cortisone) to knee £150-£250 
USS guided hyaluronic gel to knee (Ostenil Plus) £150 - £450 
USS guided PRP (Arthrex ACP) injection to knee £500  
USS guided Arthrosamid hydrogel knee injection £2750 
USS guided hip joint injection of steroid (cortisone) 
USS guided injection of steroid (cortisone) into hip bursa £150-£200 
Common Surgical Procedures (Surgeon's fee only) 
Keyhole surgery (arthroscopy) to the knee £1459 - £1974 
Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction £2200 -£2331 
MAKO/CORI Robotic assisted Total Knee Replacement £3048-£3659 
MAKO/CORI Robotic assisted medial/lateral/patellofemoral Partial Knee Replacement £2923- £3459 
Muscle sparing, high performance Uncemented Total Hip Replacement £2933-£3479 
Additional fees not included 
Please be aware that these fees do not cover any hospital fees, the costs of x-rays, scans, consumables or injectable medications which are billed separately by the hospital or clinic you are seen in. 
For an operation, there are additional fees for the anaesthetist and the hospital which are collected separately 
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any advice you require on how much your assessment and treatment might cost in total. 

Please contact us with any further questions and I will be happy to help. 

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