Mr Imbuldeniya Research Publications

The clinical and cost effectiveness of a

virtual fracture clinic service 

Transphyseal reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament in prepubescent children 
Cementless Hip Arthroplasty in Paget’s Disease at Long-Term Follow-Up (Average of 12.3 Years) 
Factors affecting squeaking in metal on metal hip resurfacings
Squeaking: Current knowledge and how to avoid it 
Bilateral atypical insufficiency fractures of the proximal tibia and a unilateral distal femoral fracture associated with long-term intravenous bisphosphonate therapy: a case report 
Technology assisted unicompartmental knee replacement: results and functional outcomes 

The S-ROM hydroxyapatite proximally-

coated modular femoral stem in revision hip


The Effect of Obesity on the Clinical, Functional and Radiological Outcome of Cementless Total Hip Replacement: A Case-Matched Study With a Minimum 10-Year Follow-Up 
Difficulties encountered removing locked plates 
Surgical emphysema of the neck following arthroscopic shoulder surgery 

Cementless total hip replacement without

femoral osteotomy in patients with severe

developmental dysplasia of the hip 

Scaphoid fracture with an associated dorsal lip of lunate fracture – a sign of instability? 
Limited femorotomy: Removing a well-fixed, cementless femoral stem 
The availability of pre-referral imaging for elective orthopaedic referrals at the first outpatient appointment 

A comparison of 2-octyl cyanoacrylate

with nylon for wound closure of knee arthroscopy portals

Increasing patient obesity: Do I or do I not operate? 

Successful management of a 24 year old pregnant woman with necrotising fasciitis of the forearm.

The case of the Arbutus drill cover System as an example of the cost saving potential of frugal innovations for the UK NHS