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September 2020

Watch Mr Imbuldeniya on BBC2's

"The Diagnosis Detectives"

12 of the UK's leading medical experts work together to help diagnose and treat patients with complex conditions that have so far baffled other doctors.

BBC Diagnisis Detectives Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr Imbuldeniya
Mr Imbuldeniya Diagnisis Detectives
BBC The Diagnosis Detectives Specialists
August 2020
day case hip replacement, high performance hip replacement london mr imbuldeniya
March 2019
What is hoffa's fat pad pain knee london

December 2018

Chelsea day case hip surgery Mr Imbuldeniya

Success as Total Hip Replacement patient goes home within 24 hours

September 2018
Why do I have knee pain london clinic top doctor specialist
July 2018
Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 12.37.46.png
February 2018
November 2017
Mr Imbuldeniya London robotic knee and hip surgery
October 2017
Mr Imbuldeniya an Imperial College London hip an knee surgeon frugal innovatio
August 2017
Mr Imbuldeniya London knee and hip doctor lookng at stem cell treatment