About the ICE Ortho 

West London Groin, Hip and Knee Clinic

The ICE Ortho Clinic was founded by Mr Imbuldeniya in 2016 to promote and spread the delivery of high quality orthopaedic healthcare for all patients in need.

The fundamental principles are that any individual or organisation involved in delivering successful 

healthcare, should look to build on the 3 key foundations of Innovation, Compassion and Excellence.


Health innovation identifies new or improved products, technologies, services and delivery methods that improve people’s health and wellbeing. It responds to unmet needs by creating new ways of thinking and working and aims to add value in the form of improved efficiency, effectiveness, quality, sustainability and safety. 

Mr Imbuldeniya has a Masters Degree with Merit in Health Policy from Imperial College, London. This has provided him the experience and network to collaborate with NGO's, the medical device industry, researchers at Imperial College, NHS commissioners and allied health practitioners to work on a number of incremental , disruptive and frugal innovations. Recent examples are robotic assisted knee replacement surgery, virtual fracture clinics and cost effective sterile surgical drill covers


Total knee replacement Mr Imbuldeniya
Arjuna Imbuldeniya and team

Despite major medical and technological advances, it is the human element of compassion and basic values such as kindness, commitment and honesty that have never been more important when caring for our patients.


Great care for patients means truly putting them first, realising we as healthcare professionals are privileged and honoured to serve them and that we need to look after our staff and colleagues too, so that they feel valued and part of a team.. 

Mr Imbuldeniya strongly believes in these values and does everything he can to ensure a culture where compassionate care is at the heart of ICE Ortho.


He believes care should always be delivered to the same high standard one would expect for their own family and encourages honest patient feedback to help improve our service.


Mr Imbuldeniya has been fortunate to receive his education and training from some of the most prestigious institutions and surgeons in the world.


The whole point of providing healthcare is to try and achieve excellent results for those we treat.


Mr Imbuldeniya keeps data on his patients and their outcomes, including PROMS (patient reported outcome measures) and honest feedback, to ensure he can audit the clinics practice and results to keep improving.


If any patient falls short of having an excellent outcome, he will always do everything he can to find out why, and help to rectify the situation.

Arjuna Imbuldeniya Imperial College Frugal Innovation